Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Blog Posts Coming - Busy Fall

Since my last post in November, I've had the most busy fall and early winter. It seemed the item on my todo list that indicated that I should write my blog post was the one that always got added to the next day's list, undone.

I will be adding to my blog in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. If you have any requests or questions, do not hesitate to let me know.

Meanwhile I have a question for my loyal readers to comment on - Is the PC insurance industry insulated from the recession? Why or why not?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Notes Related to Insurance Industry

According to this recently released poll, if it were up to only insurance industry professionals, McCain would win today, 59% to 38% (2% to other candidates).

Yet a iii graph shows that what party the president represents has little impact on insurance company returns over time.

Happy Election Day and be sure to vote!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Sign Up Now for Free Web-seminar

ASK “WHY?”: The Application of Predictive Modeling to your Insurance Business

November 13/ 2:30 pm EST
November 14/ 11:00 am EST

Rather than asking ”What” went on last quarter, get at the reasons “Why” the quarter went as it did and improve your underwriting results. Everyone has data, but not everyone has the technical know-how to dig deep in your data for trends and correlations. Knowing these trends and correlations can aid your insurance company in matching pricing action with underwriting standards.

In this free web-seminar, allow us to introduce a BRAND-NEW CUTTING-EDGE SOLUTION to:

· Show how you can deal with your data more effectively, through visualization and dashboards

· Leave your technical worries behind - view our example of predictive analysis from a non-techie viewpoint

· Learn how actuaries can use the trends and correlations to make territorial and rating relativity adjustments

· Marry your underwriting standards to your updated rating plan

· Upgrade your pricing and underwriting guides to attract lower risk members of each of your classes

· Provide alerts when unusual activity (policy or claim) is occurring

· Increase your company’s efficiency and profitability

Featured Speakers:

Badri Narasimhan, President, Rulester, Inc.

Rulester, Inc. is a Chicago company founded by Badri Narasimhan. Mr. Narasimhan has developed a number of analytic solution tools and is a veteran of Insurity, a Choicepoint company.

Kimberley Ward, FCAS, MAAA, Partner, Windsor Strategy Partners

Windsor Strategy Partners, LLC, is an actuarial consulting firm based in New Jersey. Ms. Ward works from their suburban Chicago branch office. She specializes in property casualty pricing and product management.

Email your name, company, phone number, and session preference to kward@wspactuaries.com to register for the seminar.